Women in Horror Month: Mama’s Boy and Other Dark Tales

Title: Mama’s Boy and Other Dark Tales
Author: Fran Friel
Publisher: Apex Publications

We are wrapping up Women in Horror Recognition month with a book that exemplifies what women bring to the genre. Mama’s Boy and Other Dark Tales by Fran Friel is a collection that in one light is very diverse, is also tied together by recurring themes and ideas you don’t see much in horror.

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Juicy Quickfire with Scott Nicholson

If you’ve caught on to the e-book movement and haven’t come across Scott Nicholson, you are doing something wrong. While having written many great horror novels like They Hunger or The Red Church, he is has many other stories and novels that cover the whole spectrum of literature. With his latest thriller, Liquid Fear, coming out this Friday, we asked Scott to give us his viewpoints on Horror, the supernatural, and their confluence with other audiences and genres. Continue reading “Juicy Quickfire with Scott Nicholson”