Sketchy Bits with Sally Bosco

Sally Bosco closes out our Many Genres, One Craft┬áinterview series. A writer of dark fiction, she finds her place in an area not well explored in the horror genre: Young Adult fiction. And what do many teenagers enjoy these day? Manga. So join us as Sally tells us about horror’s role and perception in both the YA and Manga audiences as well as few other tid bits on women writer of horror and horror’s relation to paranormal romance.

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Dead Bits with Tennessee Hicks

Today we have an man that has as many pen names as a Sopranos character has aliases. Under the name Tennessee Hicks he writes Urban Fantasy, one of those genres that have the DNA horror if it realizes it or not. He has written some horror stories as well, especially under the name R. M. Haag. Lets see what he think the vital stats of the Horror genre are and how the genre effects his writing.
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Bountiful Bits with Lee Allen Howard

Happy Friday, everyone! Today we have Lee Allen Howard sitting down for the next quick fire interview for the new book, Many Genres, One Craft. Lee, a graduate of the Seton Hill University’s Writing Popular Fiction program, is also a student of divinity. So who better to talk about the religious part of the Horror genre’s foundation. We also talk about LBGT issues, horror’s role in e-books, and why he turned to writing horror. Continue reading “Bountiful Bits with Lee Allen Howard”

Memorable Bits with Michael Bracken

With over 900 short stories under his belt, Michael Bracken has joined us for the next Many Genres, One Craft interview. While better known for his mystery and women’s fiction stories, don’t let that fool you into thinking he doesn’t know his horror. But he does give an important “outside” look to horror that readers and non-readers of the genre can learn from.

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Enthralling Bits with Mary SanGiovanni

Some of the contributors of the recently released book; Many Genres, One Craft; are making a swing around NHRS during their Virtual Blog Tour. First up is beautiful and talented Mary San Giovanni. A Bram Stoker Award nominee who has written acclaimed novels since her time at Seton Hill University’s Writing Popular Fiction program. Come see what she has to say about what is horror, what makes horror effective, and women’s unique role in the genre.

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