Literary Horror on

Over at, a social networking site for readers, there is a group that is going strong called Literary Horror started by author Robert Dunbar (The Pines, The Shore, and Martyrs & Monsters) and founder of Uninvited Books.

The group’s main focus is discussing the literary merit of Horror novels and to help promote a more literary approach to the writing of Horror fiction. One thread of interest is the Manifesto thread. As it started outs as a recommendation list for writers to read if they want to be more literary with work, it slowly becomes a discussion of the literary merit of horror, what are some of the causes, etc.

There is also a whole section for discussions about horror from everyone but white men of the western hemisphere. One post I found informative was on Arabian and Egyptian Horror. I do hope that at some point some of these stories are translated into english. I’ve always been interest in Horror outside of the US & UK.

That is just a glimpse of what the group offers. If you aren’t member of Goodreads, you can still read through the posts and keep track of the discussions. But it’s worth signing up to take part in it.

A Quickie with Andrew Wolter

We are lucky to have Andrew Wolter here for a quick interview. If there is a “no holds barred” writer, he is one of them. His tales are always unique and sets him apart from most. It has also created a devoted fan base for him.  After having many conversations off the record with him, I knew that he would be a great interview for the Non-Horror Reader Survey. Read on to see his views on the relationship between Horror and the LGBT community and what boundaries are left in the genre

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