Book Spotlights

Book spotlights will offer brief looks at Horror fiction of all colors. From Dark Fantasy to the Extreme Horror, they will look at books in hopes to show not only the broad spectrum, but also the commonality with all other fiction. They will also be rated on a scale to help those that want to check them out, but not used to horror, can choose the amount of exposure they want to deal with.

We will also add each book to our Goodreads shelf if you happen to have an account there.


Beginner: These books encompase many of the classic horror (Poe, Stoker, Lovecraft) and those that may be more like other genres that use a number of Horror’s conventions. These are books that can introduce a reader to the power of Horror without leaving a comfort zone they are used to.

Intermedtiate: These books are the typical Horror novels. They are the ones that deal with all the questions Horror tries to answer and are the ones that you can would mistake for anything else. The will will be more graphic in violence, but no more than you would see on any TV crime show.

Fan: These books are the ones that push all the limits. Some are graphic, but mostly they are the ones that push the boundaries of fear and terror. Even fans of horror get chilled by these books.

Changing the Face of Horror

This site is not the only one out there trying to show the importance of Horror fiction. There are writers experimenting with the genre and publishers printing those experiments. Websites doing everything to fighting misconceptions of parts or all of the genre to offering more access to Horror fiction to people.


The best sources of information about a literary genre are those that practice it. The interviews will be short questions about various of topics that pertain to the genre itself ad the way individuals within the genre tackle it.


These will be updates to the survey and the site itself. From changes to the questions to notices of the quarterly results, this will be the place to go for site information.