One Buck Horror

A tough economy will impact all forms of entertainment. When it comes to the horror genre, it could be lethal. In fact, a number of markets for the genre have gone under since the recession started. But there is one that has started recently that is taking advantage of the all the current conditions in publishing. One Buck Horror is a ebook digest of horror short fiction. As the name implies, it costs a dollar ($0.99 to be exact). If you check the ebooks that are the same price, both the quality and quantity is very inconsistent.  One Buck Horror contains five stories that are well written and, sometime a rarity in, edited and formatted.

The interesting thing is that this what is called a pro-rate market. That means that it pays $0.05 a word for a story. Firstly, the number of markets that are pro-rate in the horror genre are extremely few these days. A few are either very hard or nearly impossible the get into if you are new or upcoming writer. Pro-rate also is a good signifier of quality. It’s a big investment in a publisher to give $0.05 a word for a story, especially when you only get a $0.99 per issue. So they have to make sure they have the best stories possible in their issues.

All this combined creates a vessel of good-high quality horror stories that are available to most because of it’s price and format. Similar print magazines start at around $7.00, and many of them are difficult to find in local bookstores or magazine racks. Now, at the moment, not everyone can afford an e-reader, but in time that will likely change. But the format makes it available to everyone at any time. And as long as they aren’t taken down, the issues will always be available.

The short story has always been the form that horror enjoys most. Their are many great novels, but for a long time, the genre was defined by the short fiction. Simply, it is easier to experiment with the ideas of horror within a short story than in a novel. Many of those stories, though, are difficult to track down unless you have an amazing used book store. One Buck Horror is changing the game by making sure that it possible to always be connected to the next generation of writers and stories that will shape the future of the horror genre.

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