A Few Announcments

Well, this week would have been where I would post up the quarterly result of the survey. But there hasn’t be a significant number of new answers for it to have changed the results. So we are going to change things around a bit in hopes to get this cause revitalized.

  1. The survey will be open till the end of the year. We will post the final results on January 1st, 2012: While traffic is good, we still don’t have a good ratio of people clicking the Survey button when they are here. So the plan of quarterly results is a little ambitious right now.
  2. With the results, there will be a new revised survey posted.: There are some flaws that we want to fix to get a more accurate result. Many we wouldn’t have seen till we put the current survey out. We will be watching any results throughout the year to fine tune the next version.
  3. More social media presence.: Our only presence outside of the site is our Twitter. But the world can’t be ruled by Twitter alone. Recently, we created a Goodreads account to post teasers of out Book Spotlights. Please friend us there to stay up to them. We have not yet settled a Facebook presence, but it is in the cards. Check back often to see what we decide.
  4. Opening it up to everyone.: We have a new page called, “What Have You Found?” Here you can tell the world about anything that has had any kind of impact on your views about Horror fiction. Whether it’s a book, author, website, cause, anything, tell us about it. There is the added benefit that your entry could be chosen to be a Changing the Face of Horror or Book Spotlight post. If so you will be credited at the top of the post along with your comment.

Those are our plans for now. Come back soon!

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