#SupportTheLittleGuy Campaign

#SupportTheLittleGuy is a Twitter campaign to help spread the word of the small press, both publishers and authors. While all the genres have a small press, Horror is one genre that thrives because of it. There is debate amongst those in the genre between small and big press. Both have their pros and cons, but one of the cons that hurt the small press is the lack of publicity and advertisement. #SupportTheLittleGuy tries to negate that set back.

Started by Brandon Layng, #SupportTheLittleGuy started as just a hashtag used during Writer Wednesday and Follow Fridays to get the word out about small press writers. From that it became a way of alerting more people to the release of new books. Just last month, Brandon has put out the first issue of the #SupportTheLittleGuy E-zine, a bi-monthly web magazine featuring short fiction by small press writers as well as reviews of short fiction that can be found on the internet. The second issue will be out later this month. The campaign website features profiles of various small press writers and publishers as a resource for those not on Twitter.

To find the diversity of Horror fiction, it is almost mandatory to read the small press. Few horror writers get sold to big press houses at the start of their careers, even as they continue, the small press has more demand for horror than big press houses. If anyone was interested in contemporary Horror fiction, #SupportTheLittleGuy is a new resource shining a bright light on it.

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