The Survey Is Open

Welcome everybody! The Non-Horror Reader Survey is an effort of mine to start fixing the image of horror outside of the genre. The questions I ask aren’t the only questions that could be asked, but they are the ones that I see repeated the most often. It is a huge topic with hundreds of years of baggage. But we can’t get anywhere if we don’t start somewhere.

For anything I don’t ask, I urge you to leave your thoughts and opinions on our Other Thoughts page. The more we know what the world thinks, the better we can tackle the problem.

The survey will be open continually. I hope for this to be a resource for current and new writers that they can always come back to, watch what the trends are over time.

In the coming weeks, we hope to have interviews with authors in and out of Horror. Also, spotlights on books that revolve around some of the questions I ask in the survey.

Thank you for your time and your responses. With your help, we can fix the image of Horror fiction.

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