Coming in 2020

That’s right! The Non-Horror Reader Survey is coming back.

While we work on updating and scheduling the content, feel free to check out the Archives to get an idea of what to expect.

For those interested, the fiction we discuss here will be scored on our own scale. This is to help readers find books that fit what they are comfortable with, or even better, where to start exploring past their usual tastes:

Beginner: These books encompass many of the classic horror (Poe, Stoker, Lovecraft) and those from other genres that use a number of horror conventions. These are books that can introduce a reader to the power of horror without leaving a comfort zone they are used to.

Intermediate: These books are typical Horror novels. They are the ones that deal with all the questions Horror tries to answer and are the ones that you wouldn’t mistake for anything else. The will be more graphic in violence and other topics, but no more than you would see on any TV crime show.

Fan: These books are the ones that push all the limits. Some are graphic, but mostly they are the ones that push the boundaries of fear and terror. Even fans of horror get chilled by these books.

Notice: I was originally planning for sometime this month (November 2019) to relaunch, but while working on the first posts and reading the first few books, I realized there is a lot more I want to do. I want to make it more informative to you, the audience. I want to make a better scale for the book ratings and figure out a way to better show both how horror influences other genres, better discussion of subgenres, and more. To do that, I need all the books that are packed away due to the planned move back to NH that hasn’t happened yet. So I’m pushing to next year so I have time to have all this figured out the way I want it.

Please feel free to comment below for any books you would like to be featured, authors interviewed or guest posting, or topics to explore!

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